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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Welcome From UNiTAS Staff!

Welcome Delegates and MUN Conference Watchers!

We, the UNiTAStaff, look forward to bringing you the latest coverage on this year's IASAS MUN Conference held at Taipei American School. This year's theme is Public Health and Sustainable Development and we are excited to welcome Dr. David D. Ho as the speaker this year.

Unitas means "unity" in Latin, and we hope to see unity and collaboration among delegates to solve real-life global issues in the conference.

Please don't hesitate to ask us questions!

See you around!
-UNiTAS Editors

Celine C. (12)
Heyun J. (12)
Philip K. (12)
Adrienne S. (11)

Jinnie K. (12)
Alexandria K. (12)
Ann L. (12)
Hannah L. (12)
Philip L. (12)
Vivian L. (11)
Juliana C. (10)
Carol C. (10)
Chelsea C. (10)
Joy C. (10)
Edward H. (10)
Rachel K. (10)
Daphne L. (10)
Ally S. (10)
Mina K. (9)

Teacher Sponsor:
Ms. Vacirca

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