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Saturday, November 17, 2012

News Brief: South China Sea Crisis in the Security Council

The Security Council faced the South China Sea crisis with a flurry of  caucusing, which resulted in Russia's proposed resolution: to evacuate all trapped citizens in the Spratly Islands and to demilitarize the region until further inspections could be made.  Quoting Russia, the only options available were this, or a "nuclear holocaust where all nations present decide to throw nukes at each other." 

The first part of the resolution, evacuation, passed relatively easily. However, demilitarization met with opposition from Iran. As the delegate of Iran stated, “You cannot enforce order on capitalization and power to the government without military.”

Nonetheless, demilitarization was passed. Some other hitches were met though, such as the clause to give South Korea official sovereignty over the Daito Islands, and Iran selling oil below market price to the rest of the world in order to promote cooperation. Both points failed to pass, but not without heated debate.

Amidst shouts of, “America needs to mature,” Mexico called the inclusion of the Daito Islands ridiculous. The Security Council, however, managed to agree upon the aforementioned resolution with the majority of clauses approved.

-Hannah L. (12)

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