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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Q&A: Words from the Secretary General and the Parliamentarian

Editors from UNiTAS sat down with Secretary General Nicholas A. (TAS, 12) and Parliamentarian Thomas A. (TAS, 12) and asked them about some of their memorable experiences from mock debates and about their thoughts on the upcoming conference.

Secretary General Nicholas A.
1.) What are some of your fond memories from practices this season?

Nicholas: Security Council Delegate Tim Y.'s (TAS, 12) pun about striking clause 2B from a resolution: 2B or not 2B, that is the question....

Thomas: I recall with fondness when Tim [Y.] (TAS, 12) made his first for speech in the semester. Also I'll just say it was interesting when we had the day of speech drills - people had to speak impromptu about stockings and candy canes.

Parliamentarian Thomas L.
2.) What are you most looking forward to about the IASAS MUN 2012?

N: This year is all about changing the way we see IASAS MUN. We have increased the opportunities for fruitful discussion with the addition of a new committee, the WHO, and with a local ICJ trial simulation. I'm excited to see these new ideas put into action! IASAS MUN won't be the same as before! Also, I can't wait to test out the capabilities of the new D-Block at TAS. We've made a huge effort to customize and decorate our debate rooms carefully to provide a unique and aesthetic experience which we're really looking forward to. 

T: I look forward to exciting new formats through the additions to the conference this year, i.e. WHO and ICJ. Other than that, I anticipate substantive, rigorous debate about highly consequential issues of our day. 

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