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Friday, November 16, 2012

Q&A with IASAS MUN Site Director Ms. Sohn

UNiTAS journalist, Hannah L. (12), spoke with Ms. Sohn, Site Director for this year's IASAS MUN conference. 

Hannah L.: What do you think about the MUN conference so far?

Ms. Sohn: The conference, thus far, has run smoothly, and this wouldn't have been possible without the tireless help and leadership of our administrative team. Aside from the logistics, this conference has facilitated exciting and at times, contentious debate, so I'm quite happy about this!

Hannah: What has been the most impressive aspect?

Ms. Sohn: What's most impressive, aside from our devoted Secretariat and outstanding delegates, has been the addition of components that were nowhere near any of the MUN conferences I attended as a high school student 100 years ago. Resolutions on Google Drive, voting remotes, individual mics, and our new facilities are some important examples of these. 

Hannah: How much time and effort was spent preparing for this MUN?

Ms. Sohn:We started planning for this conference officially in May. Back then it seemed like such a monstrous task. But somehow we got through all the tasks, all the little details through biweekly meetings, which at times went into the dark hours of the night....

Hannah:What are some of your future hopes for IASAS MUN?

Ms. Sohn: Regardless of if we decide to incorporate the WHO into IASAS or even the ICJ, I hope that IASAS MUN will continue to facilitate the debating of various global issues to allow for young people to become more conscientious global citizens. 

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