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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Q&A with Approval Panel Head, Mr. Brundage (TAS)

UNiTAS spoke with Mr. Brundage (TAS), one of the heads of the Approval Panel.

Alexandria K:  What has been happening at the approval panel?

Mr. Brundage:  Well, students will [come up] with resolutions [that have] been approved by chairs….I check to make sure that the chair has in fact approved the resolution.  They come in here to work with an adviser to make sure that the resolutions are of sufficient quality to sustain debate.  

Alexandria:  Have there been any issues or problems that come up repeatedly?

Mr. Brundage:  [There are] people trying to get past the door without checking in, and people checking out without telling me that they got an approval by one of the advisers in there, but…you know, most of the time it ends up not really being an issue because we have a wonderful Secretary General, and an executive team [that] is frequently communicating with the chairs, to make sure that everything is on the up and up, so far there have been no cases of resolution fraud that we know about….I suppose that’s a good thing.  

Alexandria:  What are you most excited about for tomorrow?

Mr. Brundage:  I’m...excited to play a role in the ICJ simulation….

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