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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Q&A: Richard J. (TAS, 11), Delegate of Brazil, Environment Committee

UNiTAS journalists Mina K. (9, TAS) and Edward H. (10, TAS) spoke with Richard J. (11, TAS), the delegate of Brazil, Environment Committee
Edward H. & Mina K.: Your resolution was the first and only one that was passed in the General Assembly so far today. Why do you think it passed, and how do you think your resolution was different from others?

Richard J.: Well, the main reason my resolution was passed in the GA was that the topic itself wasn’t very controversial. The main things that delegates argued about were how the clauses will be implemented, and whether clauses will be efficient. Because of this, as long as my resolution was good, there would not be many countries opposed to the actions taken by the resolution....

Edward & Mina: How did you prepare to answer some of the contentions and allegations raised, such as those concerning MEDCs and LEDCs?

Richard: It is important that you are [well-prepared] by the time you go up to the podium and speak.... Predicting and knowing what questions  will be raised is very useful.  If you know what questions are going to be asked, you can think of responses beforehand so that your answer is not only comprehensive, but also persuade[s] people previously against the resolution to change their stance.

Edward & Mina: How did you feel when you were debating and when your resolution was passed?

Richard: Well, I was always on my toes during the debate.  I believe its [good] to go up the podium and propose your resolution confident that [your resolution] will be passed. Even though it is certainly good to go up there with confidence in your delivery, it is never good to be arrogant about whether or not your resolution is going to be passed in the GA. I always kept in mind that people could be against my resolution, and, consequently, I was always thinking about new ways that I could convince them to vote for my resolution.  When I heard that a lot of points were raised to the chair about being added to the co-sponsors list while I was speaking, I couldn't help but smile.  It does feel good when you see [widespread] approval for your resolution....

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