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Friday, November 16, 2012

Q&A: Arjun V. (ASD, 12), Delegate of Botswana

UNiTAS journalists Heyun J. and Alexandria K. spoke with Arjun V., (ASD, 12), delegate of Botswana and WHO committee member.

Alexandria K: Have there been any conflicts in the WHO committee?

Arjun V: I got in a conflict with the delegate of India.  It got pretty intense, and she [got] a warning from the chair. There [haven’t been] many conflicts….It’s really peaceful, and everyone’s really nice.

Heyun: Since WHO is a new committee, how would you describe this first year?

Arjun: It’s going great. There are a lot of debates and people are really intense…talking about issues like AIDs, superbugs, and MNCs. People know a lot about it, so they talk a lot about the topic, and the debate follows it.

Alexandria: Did the debate come out as expected, or is it different from what you thought it would be?

Arjun: Not initially when it started….It was sort of hard starting, but once we started the chairs were really helpful, and they really boosted the debates, and after some time we got really into the debates, and started discussing a lot more. It’s a nice committee. You look at topics from a different [perspective].

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