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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pre-Conference Q&As with Delegates

UNiTAS spoke with several delegates regarding their hopes for the conference.

Heejo K. (11)  
Heejo K. (11, TAS), representing the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, WHO

Adrienne S.: What are you most excited for?

Heejo: ...Two out of the three topics I will be debating are related to HIV/AIDS, which is what Aaron Diamond is most concerned about... [these topics] include preventing HIV/AIDS and also making sure that there is a smooth relationship between pharmaceutical MNCs, medical NGOs, and national governments.... 


Christian B. (12, YIS) and Daniel Y. (10, YIS), representing Turkey and Norway, respectively.

Adrienne S.: What are you most excited for?

Christian: Debating the topic on Iran, and how we're going to solve that, especially with the view that Turkey has because it is special and unique.

Adrienne: And are you nervous about anything in particular?

Daniel: I'm nervous about everything, actually. I'm excited for meeting new people....

Adrienne: Is this your first time attending an IASAS MUN conference?

Christian: This is my second.

Daniel: This is my first.


Sadhana B. (12, SAS) and Ayesha A. (12, SAS), representing China (HR) and Israel (SPECPOL), respectively.

Adrienne S.: What are you most excited for? 

Sadhana: This is my last high school MUN [conference], so I'm most excited for meeting kids all across Asia. I know that [this year's MUN conference] has not just the 6 IASAS schools, but many other international schools....

Ayesha: I'm, one, really excited for the debate in the Political committee, because it's going to be really advanced. [I'm also excited], since I'm Israel and Iran is a motion.... 

Adrienne: Are you nervous for anything?

Ayesha: I'm nervous that someone is going to PUI me about something on Israeli history, and I won't know what it is....But no, I'm more excited than nervous. 

Adrienne: How are you liking Taipei so far? 

Sadhana: I love Taipei! We come from Singapore, so it's nice to have this city feeling again. It's so much cooler, temperature wise I mean...and the people are so friendly. 

Ayesha: I really like it. My [hosts] are...very cool, and their apartment is very cute. So I'm quite in love with Taipei. 


Sabrina R. (11, IBST), representing Jamaica, ECOSOC 

Adrienne S.: What are you most excited for in the upcoming days of conferencing. 

Sabrina: The debates. I'm really looking forward to all the delegates collaborating. 

Adrienne: Is there anything in particular that you're nervous about?

Sabrina: In a way, the debates. People here look very professional. 

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