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Thursday, November 15, 2012

News Brief: WHO

The delegate of South Africa proposed a resolution regarding universal health care in all nations. The resolution aims to improve relations between pharmaceutical MNCs, medical NGOs, and their host nations. The co-submitters included Mexico, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

The resolution expressed concern about the lack of healthcare systems in 102 out of 193 member nations. There was a strong focus on ensuring that host nations are not exploited by MNCs, as well encouragement for MNCs and NGOs to work collaboratively.

Several nations voiced objections to the resolution, including Vietnam and Canada. The delegate of Canada stated that it was “repetitive, vague, and impractical.” The delegate of Vietnam raised concerns about the absence of a regulating body to effectively enforce the changes made to universal health care.

Another concern included the fact that giving host nations the power to remove outside help if the local government decided that it was not beneficial would, in fact, deteriorate relations between host nations and MNCs. 

The resolution ultimately passed, with 14 nations voting in support and 4 nations against it. An amendment regarding ensuring that medical supplies never run out was submitted by the Ethiopian delegate, but was ultimately rejected by other delegates.

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