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Thursday, November 15, 2012

News Brief: Security Council

The delegate of the United States of America proposed a resolution which highlighted the current political gridlock in Syria. In light of recent uprisings in the Syrian nation, the delegate of the United States also made other delegates aware of the multiple UN diplomatic envoys sent to Syria to solve the conflict. With a total of thirteen clauses proposed, eleven clauses were not passed. The two clauses that were passed included one which stated the recognition of National Coalition of the Forces of the Syrian Revolution as an opposition to the current Syrian government, as well as another that ensured the establishment of UN Peacekeeping checkpoints on the Lebanese-Syrian, Iraqi-Syrian, Turkish-Syrian, and Jordanian-Syrian borders.

A P5 caucus, which was proposed by the delegate of the United States of America, interrupted the debate, and was briskly broken up by Secretary General, Nicholas A. (12, TAS)

Two more resolutions will be proposed, one regarding the ending of violence in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and the surrounding Great Lakes region, as well as another discussing the rule of law and transitional justice in conflict and post-conflict societies.

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