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Thursday, November 15, 2012

News Brief: SPECPOL

The second day of SPECPOL debates began with a continuation of discussion on the highly controversial issue of the development of  nuclear weapons in Iran. A resolution submitted by delegate of Israel called for the IAEA and UN Security Council  to collaborate in the creation of a "Red Line Policy,"  including a limit to uranium enrichment in Iran's nuclear program. 

The issue that stirred the most debate was the clause stating Israel and other willing allies could declare war against Iran, if all other methods to limit their nuclear program were not successful.  The resolution was supported by the delegate of Canada, who claimed that Iran has repeatedly hid uranium enrichment sites, despite claims that the uranium is being used for "peaceful purposes."

Meanwhile, nations including Sierra Leone and Lebanon strongly opposed the resolution, stating that the support of Iranian nuclear disarmament was simply a means for Israel to "bully" Iran. Lebanon also reiterated the fact that Israel seemed to be holding double standards by disarming Iran, while not disclosing details of their own nuclear program.  Ultimately, the resolution was not passed, with 6 nations supporting it and 17 against it.

                                                                                      Jinnie K. (12)

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