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Friday, November 16, 2012

News Brief: SPECPOL (Day 2)

Tensions ran high during the debate of a resolution submitted by the delegate of the DPRK, that proposed the relaxing of UN bans on Iran's nuclear program. The resolution suggested that doing so would act as a sign of good will, and serve to minimize existing tensions between the UN and Iran. The delegate further emphasized that there needs to be trust on both sides in order for cooperation to occur.

The delegate of France was strongly opposed to the lifting of any bans on Iran's nuclear capabilities.  Afghanistan, meanwhile, was in support of the resolution and declared that if sanctions and bans are upheld, they will hinder economic growth in Iran and lead to riots and an unstable government.

After a lengthy debate, the resolution was passed with 15 nations supporting it and seven nations against. Because there were ten abstentions, however, a re-vote was called. With no nations allowed to abstain, the resolution was passed once again with 19 nations supporting it and 13 against it.

-Jinnie K. (12)

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