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Friday, November 16, 2012

News Brief: GA Passes Resolution from the Environment Committee

After two consecutive rounds of debate, during which the resolutions submitted by the ECOSOC and Human Rights committees failed to pass, the General Assembly directed their attention to a resolution submitted by the delegate of Brazil concerning “[the development of] a green economy in the context of maintaining the sustainable development goals established at Rio+20 and eradicating poverty.”

The delegate of Brazil called for collaborative efforts between MEDCs and LEDCs under the UNEP, IFAD, UNDP, and SBSTTA. He expressed optimism about the development of green farming methods and the innovation of resource efficiency.

The delegate of Brazil continued to urge for the development of “smart cities,” which would be accomplished through prioritizing the development of brownfield lands, preventing urban sprawl, and creating an environmentally clean public transport system.
“The environment has been friendzoned by other nations,” the delegate of Brazil declared. He urged nations to vote for this resolution to “empower the environment [and] bring balance, yin and yang.” 

The delegate of the UK, however, compared the resolution to a smartphone, full of great applications and features, but something only a small percentage of individuals could afford.

Conversely, the delegate of Malaysia supported the resolution. She said, “Don’t be selfish delegates; do the right thing.”

After further debate, delegates passed this resolution, the only one passed this morning.

-Hannah L. (12), Heyun J. (12), and Alexandria K. (12)

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