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Thursday, November 15, 2012

News Brief: Human Rights

In the Human Rights Committee, the delegate of China proposed a progressive resolution on government responses to civilian protests, with measures calling on member states to promote safe and more humane government countermeasures to protests, to engage in peaceful negotiations between government and civilians protesters prior to any direct confrontations, and to stymie violent and radical civilian protests through the supervision of various forms of social media. 

While delegates from the countries of Venezuela and Iceland expressed their vocal support for the resolution because of its emphasis on minimal international involvement and realistic solutions, delegates from Greece, the USA, Israel, and Australia – along with representatives from the Human Rights Watch questioned the authenticity of this resolution. 

These nations cited that the Tienanmen Square Incident, along with the country’s state-run media and restrictions on the freedom of expression, point to China’s negligence on human rights. In the end, the resolution failed to pass.

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