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Friday, November 16, 2012

News Brief: General Assembly (Resolution from the Human Rights Committee)

The first resolution from the Human Rights Committee submitted to the General Assembly was proposed by the delegate from the Amnesty International. 

Most prominently, the resolution called for the creation of a subsidiary body within the Human Rights Council called the Removal of Actions of Intolerance, Negligence, and Bigotry Organization for Worldwide Service (RAINBOWS). It also urged member states to implement education that promotes and addresses LGBT rights, and encouraged member states to address social stigma towards the LGBT community in their respective nations.

A number of to and against speeches were made by delegates from various nations. The delegate of Venezuela pointed out that RAINBOWS – with its power to review legislation pertaining to LGBT issues– could “blackmail” and “coerce” other nations, further asserting that “giving substantial power to an organization that does not exist yet” is “worrisome.” Correspondingly, the delegates of France and South Africa expressed their nation’s support of LGBT rights, stating that “being gay should not be condemned” and that “homosexuality is a choice [and]…an individual right that should be allowed in every nation in the world,” respectively.

In the end, the resolution did not pass, with a 49% vote against and 34% for.

-Philip K. (12)

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