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Thursday, November 15, 2012

News Brief: Delegate of Vietnam is Guest Speaker in Security Council Debate

This morning, the Security Council entertained a guest speaker, Deputy Secretary General, Kar Jin O. (12, ISKL), acting as the delegate of Vietnam. Kar Jin came during debate on a resolution submitted by the PRC aiming to end the violence in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and the surrounding Great Lakes region. 

Clause 10 of the resolution creates “Green Zones” in the Eastern DR Congo, which are monitored by Amnesty International officials, agriculturally self-sufficient, and to be maintained for a period of no less than three years. 

The delegate of Vietnam believed this clause to mimic the Strategic Hamlet Program implemented by the United States in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The aforementioned program is strongly opposed by Vietnam, similar to the creation of “Green Zones.” The program would promote the forced relocation of the nation’s people. To the delegate of Vietnam, such a method of foreign intervention that involves taking entire families taking into places where foreign nations see fit will not work.

The delegate of the United States pointed out that a similar program worked in British Malaya, but the delegate of Vietnam was quick to refute that claim by saying, “ In British Malaya, it was Malayan officers working, not foreigners.” The delegate of DRC herself supported the clause, but the delegate of Vietnam hoped to dissuade the DRC. The delegate of Vietnam claimed that he was here today " advise the DRC to not implement this program....It does more than uproot people; it changes society, and this will bear consequences in the long run.” 

Even with the delegate of Vietnam’s speech, the clause passed with 12 for, 1 against, and 1 abstention, which resulted in the passing of the clause.

-Ann L. (12)

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