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Friday, November 16, 2012


Now trending... #chairishungry. IASAS MUN committee Twitter accounts have been set up by the SPECPOL (@IASASPolitical), Environment (@TASec2012), Security Council (@TASsc2012),  and Human Rights Committees (@TASHRC2012). The Twitter accounts have given delegates an informational and entertaining break from intense debates. 

In order to find out what was happening in the committees last year, chairs created a Twitter account. This year they have decided to keep up the tradition. According to Justin Y. (12, TAS) , the Co-chair of Human Rights Committee, “Most of the tweets are recap[s] of what just happened, restating what delegates say, or anything meaningful and provocative. The Twitter accounts also let the MUN community on Twitter know which resolutions have or have not passed."

Justin says, "It’s a way for us to communicate with the chairs from other committees.” The tweets from Human Rights are managed by both of the chairs during the live debates and address everything from issues relating to the censorship of the Internet to Kung Fu Pandas. 

Some may think that Tweeting would be a disturbance to the debates, but according the the co-chairs, the Twitter feed is “both informative and distracting...if you do it correctly, it works.”

-Vivian L. (11) and Ally S. (10)

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