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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 1 Q&As with WHO and SPECPOL Committee Co-Chairs

One of the UNiTAS Editors, Heyun J. (12), spoke with WHO Co-Chair Nimannee N. (12, ISB) and SPECPOL Co-Chair Shilpita M. (12, NIST) about the highlights of Day 1.

Heyun J .: What are some of the issues that came up in Day 1?

Nimannee N.: As of now, our committee [has been] pretty chill. There [haven't] been any disruptions or delegations [that] have caused...problems....

Heyun J.: After Dr. Ho’s talk, how do you think the issue of the HIV/AIDS epidemic will factor into this week’s conference?

NimanneeAIDS is actually one of our topics--the first one--promoting universal access to AIDS prevention, care, and support. So I’m excited to see what kind of solutions that the delegates come up with after hearing what Dr. Ho had to say this morning.

Heyun: What are you most excited in the next two days?

Nimannee: I’m excited for...[the]... stimulating debates and for delegates to have fun....

Heyun J.: What are you most excited for this week?

Shilpita M.: I'm excited to meet the delegates and to listen to all the constructive debates that go on.

Shilpita: Do you think any current events will affect what's discussed this week?

Shilpita: I'm personally interested in the Iran topic--that's quite a hot topic that's been going around the world right now. I'd like to see how the delegates portray it in our committee.

Heyun: What do you think will be some of the controversial issues discussed in SPECPOL?

Shilpita: Well, we have a question on UN peace keeping troops, and I think that's quite an interesting topic considering it concerns the validity and efficacy of the UN.

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